Welcome to the online portfolio of Polina Hristova.

About Polina

Hi my names Polina!

I’m a freelance concept artist and illustrator based out of the San Gabriel Valley – Greater Los Angeles Area.  I specialize in creature design for film, and games. That said, I can also help out on characters, environments, props, illustration, and sketch art. I have worked as a designer – illustrator in film, games, advertising, architectural presentation, and theme park industries. I have had the pleasure to work with Warner Brothers, Naughty Dog, Obsidian Entertainment, Lucas Film Animation, Sony Computer Entertainment America, and more.

If you’d like to work together please contact me at: phristova@gmail.com. I am available for freelance or contract projects, and If needed I may work on-site for local projects.


My Back Story:

Art has been part of my life since I could remember. My mother was a fine artist and art restorer for a museum, and my dad (an astrophysicist) was a big fan of science fiction and fantasy movies. Yes Alien and Aliens are perfect movies for a 6yr old.

It was somewhere between the Lion King, Aliens, Men in Black, Independence Day, the Fifth Element and games like StarFox 64 and Zelda: Ocarina of Time I became determined to make art my living. In the beginning I was completely unaware of the world of concept art I was convinced for the longest time that I wanted to become an animator and go to California Institute of the Arts… But when college rolled around I quickly learned I didn’t want to become an animator but instead the person who designed the characters.  So I set sights on Art Center, with its hefty tuition bill I decided to get my general education out of the way at my local community college (PCC) while working. It was during this time I was introduced to concept art VIA: The Skillful Huntsmen and that’s when I knew I found my field.

I started Art Center as an Illustration Major with a Minor in Entertainment design (back then the entertainment major did not exist yet.) During school I balanced freelance, internships, school jobs, trips to the hospital (Art Center does that to you), while still managing to make dean’s list … somehow. In Oct 2007 the Art Center’s Williamson Gallery featured some of my figure drawings in the show “In the Demisphere”. It was during my last year in school that Art Center made Entertainment Design an official major. So of course I switched over and graduated in the summer of 2009 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Industrial Design – Entertainment.

Shortly after graduating I got hired up at Big Rock Ranch to work on the animated TV show: Star Wars the Clone Wars. Unfortunately, Northern California didn’t quite do it for me so took a job at Obsidian Entertainment.  After a great 5 years there, I felt it was time to grow in new areas and try my hand at freelance and the rest is as they say – history.


My Favorite Quotes:

  • “The world says artists are just dreamers, but the world was created by someone who dared to dream”
  • “A rich life leads to a rich imagination”